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Catherine Anne Walsh, Ph.D., P.A., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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My practice in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina has closed as of the end of April, 2015.

After some time, some changes and some travel I plan to resume practicing during the Fall of 2016 near my new home in Asheville, North Carolina.

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Thank you to all whom I have had the privilege of working with and getting to know. My life has been enriched immeasurably by all that you have shared with me, and I am grateful.

Thank you also to all those professionals who have referred people to me — the confidence that you have shown in me and my abilities has buoyed me through the years. I am very grateful to you all. As I look back over the 27 years I practiced in Mount Pleasant and Charleston, I am overcome with the awareness of so much generosity shown to me by colleagues, the medical community, school personnel throughout the Tri-County region, and many others. I am grateful, too, to my teachers and supervisors: Al Finch, Ph.D., Gordon "Mac" Kimbrell, Ph.D., Conway Saylor, Ph.D., Julian LIbet, Ph.D., Ron Belter, Ph.D., and the late George Orvin, M.D., and my peers who have provided monthlly consultation and wisdom to me for over 20 years. Those who are still in the area are Kaye Finch, Ph.D., Maureen Porter, Ph.D., and Merle Tyroler, Ph.D.

Should you need to be in touch with me regarding records, referrals, billing issues, etc., please direct these questions to my billing manager of over 20 years — Jan Craven at Hawkeye Billing Services: 843 270-4946 or hawkeyebilling@comcast.net

Jan was my office manager for almost 5 years before she took over my billing, and her competence, integrity and adherence to rules of confidentiality allow me to recommend her to you highly for any needs of a non-clinical nature related to our history together.

Bon Voyage!!